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Discounts & Coupons

What is promotion code?


A promotion code, also know as a coupon code, is a code that is associated with a marketing discount. For example, QMA might tell customers to enter the promotion code "ZY78Q" to receive a 10% discount on their whole order. One or more unique promotion codes are associated with the discount. Promotion codes act as an eligibility requirement for the discount. When shopping, if the user enters a promotion code, the corresponding discount is looked up and applied if the all the conditions of the discount are met.

Where do I find coupon codes?

We issue coupon codes on a regular basis either through email newsletters or on facebook page. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to take advantage of these coupon codes. Each coupon code that we issue will have its own terms and conditions so be sure to read up on the small print so you know who it's for and when it expires.


What else should I know?

1) Always check the end date of the offer and place your order before the deadline.

2) A maximum of one coupon code can be used per order.

3) Unless otherwise stated, postage and packing charges will still apply to orders where a coupon code is used.

4) Further conditions may apply and if so will be published with the relevant coupon code, so always check the Terms and Conditions of each promotion.

5) Coupon codes are often limited to one time use only