MAR-093 | Kickboxing & Thai Boxing Shorts (A-C)

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These shorts can be used for Kickboxing, K1, MMA and Thai-Boxing. Made from top quality Polyester Silk Satin fabric. Featuring a 9cm elasticated drawstring waistband, a lot of comforts is given when wearing this, due to the snug fit they give. A generous cut is given for hips and thighs, allowing complete freedom of motion during sparring and most importantly kicks. Excellent choice for competition or training. Suitable for men and woman.

Different embroidered designs & colours available.

  • Available in Junior and Senior Sizes
  • Excellent for training and competitions
  • Made from top quality Polyester Silk Satin fabric
  • Extra wide leg provides freedom of movement
  • Features an elasticated drawstring waistband
  • Suitable for both men and woman