MAR-437A | Match Pro Red Rugby Training Ball - Size 5

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Introducing our premium training Rugby Ball, meticulously crafted from natural fine quality rubber, specifically designed for Clubs and Schools. This ball is an ideal choice for players at all levels, offering a superior non-slip surface for enhanced grip, making it perfect for match scenarios, training sessions, or leisure use. Its all-weather performance is guaranteed by the dimpled design, ensuring a firm hold in any conditions. The ball, sold and shipped deflated for delivery safety, is under-clotted with 4 layers of polyester cotton fabric lining, providing durability and resilience. The upper surface of the natural rubber is of high quality, contributing to a superior playing experience. Fitted with a high-retention latex bladder, this 100% hand-stitched ball is a reliable companion for rugby enthusiasts.

  • Premium training Rugby Ball
  • Natural fine-quality rubber material
  • Ideal for Clubs and Schools
  • Superior non-slip surface
  • Sold and shipped deflated for delivery safety
  • All-weather performance with a dimpled design
  • Suitable for all levels of competitions
  • Under clotted with 4 layers of polyester cotton fabric lining
  • High-quality upper surface of natural rubber
  • Fitted with high-retention latex bladder
  • 100% hand-stitched for durability