MAR-123A | Black Boxing Mouthguard/Gum Shield

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Mouthguards/Gum shields: High-quality double or single mouthpieces with a double guard system. As well as allowing easy breathing, it also provides much-needed mouth protection from direct face contact. 

A: Single     B: Double     C: Double

  • Provides maximum mouth protection.
  • Anti-shock guard.
  • Has been tried and tested and is CE-approved.

A: Available in Junior and Adult sizes in colours Black, Blue, Red and Clear.

There are plenty of cheap alternatives all over the internet, however, our quality is second to none. Our products are strong, and with 20+ years of experience in serving Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay-Thai both in the UK and Worldwide, we've taken the time to perfect every product in our store, ensuring that if something has a MAR logo on it, you can be ensured it will be great quality, completely fit for purpose and designed to be durable.