MAR-261C | Children's Free Standing Punching Bag - Original

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Free standing punch bag specially designed for children. Thids punching and kicking bag is one of the world’s most popular used bags. Made of high-quality density shock absorbing foam padding, the outer layer is covered with PU artificial leather. This bag helps develop punching and kicking skills. This punch bag is designed with 6 scoring targets numbered on the body to help improve training and kicking on target points. Polyurethane heavy-duty double vinyl base can be filled with either sand or water. This bag base is round which allows for easy relocation. This is one of our most popular punching bags. Suitable for professional gym and home use. 

  • Value for money and popular with students
  • Rebounds perfectly with each hit
  • Designed for punching and kicking
  • Suitable for gym and home use
  • Fill base with sand only