MAR-029 | Blue Judo Double Weaved Uniform

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This top-quality blue Judo Gi is excellent for high impact training, and even greater for competitions. Made from the finest double weaved white fabric, this uniform is designed to last. A generous cut is given for the chest, shoulders and thigh areas, allowing complete freedom of motion. The trousers have been designed with a drawstring waist to maximize the comfort and provide enough room inside. The Inside material of the jacket has been constructed to feel softer on the inside, making it feel pleasant when the material moves on your skin. Decorated with embroidered stripes on each shoulder, this uniform as well as holding a very high-quality fit, features a great appearance also, making it a great purchase.

  • Suitable for high impact training.
  • Made from 100% cotton, high quality, double weave.
  • Softer feel on the inside of the jacket
  • Suit jacket and trousers have been reinforced by double cloth stitch on impact areas
  • Trousers come with a drawstring waist included.