MAR-031B | Blue Judo/BJJ Trousers

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There are plenty of cheap alternatives all over the internet, however, our quality is second to none. Our clothing is strong, durable and with 20+ years of experience in serving the market of all kinds of Martial Arts, both in the UK and Worldwide, we've perfected our uniforms, ensuring that if a uniform has a MAR logo on it, you can be ensured it will be made according to international size standards, give greatly enhanced freedom of movement and be designed to last the course of time.

These Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu trousers made from strong cotton fabric, as well as a stitched double layer of fabric at the front of the trousers, making these trousers very durable during sparring and competition. A generous cut is given for hips and thighs, allowing complete freedom of motion. This item provides strong comfort too with its included Elastic drawstring waist. Available in three colours: white, blue, and black, this item can be worn along with a variety of jackets, making it a very good purchase. Trousers available in white, blue and black colours.

A: White   B: Blue   C: Black

  • Traditional Judo/Jujutsu trousers
  • Made from strong cotton material
  • Reinforced by double layered fabric on the front to the bottom of the trouser.
  • Trousers has Elastic drawstring waist