MAR-031B | Blue Judo/BJJ Trousers

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These Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu trousers made from strong cotton fabric, as well as a stitched double layer of fabric at the front of the trousers, making these trousers very durable during sparring and competition. A generous cut is given for hips and thighs, allowing complete freedom of motion. This item provides strong comfort too with its included drawstring waist. Available in three colours: white, blue, and black, this item can be worn along with a variety of jackets, making it a very good purchase. Trousers available in white, blue and black colours.

A: White   B: Blue   C: Black

  • Traditional Judo/Jujutsu trousers
  • Made from strong cotton material
  • Reinforced by double layered fabric on the front to the bottom of the trouser.
  • Trousers have drawstring waist