MAR-009 | White Karate Uniform w/ Black Trim

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This white Karate uniform has been designed with 4cm black trims along the hemline and lapels, as well as at the end of the sleeves, making this product is very stylish in public settings.

The jacket included has been designed with a combination of polyester-cotton blend to provide great durability and breathability during long sessions.

These Karate Pants come with a diamond cut panel crotch, an elasticated waistband and cord strings; highly amplifying freedom of movement. To complement the suit also, a FREE white belt is included.

This premium quality 8oz Karate Uniform makes this Karate Suit both comfortable and reliable. To ensure Gi durability, this uniform has been made with tear-resistant fabrics.

Complete uniform constructed of a high-quality fabric for freedom of movement and comfort even during long and/or intense sessions.

High measures have been taken to ensure all the uniforms at MAR are made with strong thread, as well as reinforced stitching on all impact areas to increase product longevity.