MAR-013A | White Karate Competition Uniform - European Style (12oz Canvas Fabric)

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This white-coloured, European Style Karate traditional uniform is a great purchase for tournaments and competitions. Made with a heavyweight 12oz soft fabric, this is very comfortable to wear.

The jacket included has been designed with a combination of polyester-cotton blend to provide great durability and breathability during long sessions.

These Karate Pants come with a diamond-cut panel crotch, an elasticated waistband and cord strings; highly amplifying freedom of movement. 

This premium quality 14oz Karate Uniform makes this Karate Suit both comfortable and reliable. To ensure GI durability, this uniform has been made with tear-resistant fabrics.

Complete uniform constructed of high-quality fabric for freedom of movement and comfort even during long and/or intense sessions.

High measures have been taken to ensure all the uniforms at MAR are made with strong thread, as well as reinforced stitching on all impact areas to increase product longevity.


Please Note:

There are plenty of cheap alternatives all over the internet, however, our quality is second to none. Our clothing is strong, and with 20+ years of experience in serving the market of all kinds of Martial Arts, both in the UK and Worldwide, we've perfected our uniforms, ensuring that if a uniform has a MAR logo on it, you can be ensured it will be made according to international size standards, give greatly enhanced freedom of movement and be designed to last the course of time.