MAR-189 | Kickboxing & Thai Boxing Head Guard

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This Kickboxing and Muay Thai rex leather head guard has been designed for club training and competition. With an open face design, ventilation and peripheral vision are not diminished. High-compression, injection-moulded foam padding is on all sides, including top of the head for ultimate protection. This head guard ensures effective comfort, flexibility and ultimate protection without impairing hearing. Elasticated strap with Velcro closure allows a secure fit.  Adjustable chin-strap allows superior fit and comfort.

Colours Available: Red, Black, Blue

Available Sizes: Junior

  • Used for club training and competitions
  • Made from soft rex leather
  • Made for kids
  • Waterproof lining on inside
  • Injected-moulded foam padding on all sides, including top of the head, offers ultimate protection
  • Fits snugly over the head without impairing hearing
  • Elasticated strap with Velcro closure/ adjustable chin strap