MAR-190C | Pink Shin Guards w/ Foam Padding

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These MAR shin guards are made from rex leather and multilayered foam padding, offering extra flexibility and comfort. The shock protection foam included has been designed to cushion the hardness of punches, making it safer for both parties involved. As well as this due to the design shape, as well as the product, being durable yet lightweight, the ability to move around is not hindered. This product also comes with Velcro straps, making it stay in place during combat. This product ticks all the boxes you look for when purchasing Martial Arts shin pads. Meets the requirements of the high majority of organisations.

Available Colours: A: Red   B: Black   C: Pink 

Available Sizes: Junior

  • Used for training and competitions
  • Made from rex leather
  • Made for kids
  • Consists of multilayered foam padding, offering ultimate protection and comfort
  • Has two adjustable Velcro closure straps, provides a firm fit