MAR-051 | Black Freestyle Uniform w/ Red Outline

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This full-contact black and red Karate V-Neck Gi comes with a medium weight of 8oz. Designed with 5cm red Trims on the collars and red stripes on both trouser legs. With the inclusion of the elasticated drawstring waist trousers, this suit is very strong in looks, fit and quality. A generous cut is given for the chest, shoulders and thigh areas, allowing complete freedom of motion. Due to this being an approved attire for several Martial Arts disciplines, it is great for people who partake in different Martial Arts disciplines or think they potentially could in the future.

  • Full contact/ freestyle suit suitable for many disciplines
  • Made from top quality polycotton
  • Medium weight 8oz fabrict
  • 5cm red trims on collar and edge of sleeves
  • Features generous cuts for comfort and unrestricted movement
  • Trousers have an elasticated drawstring waist.