MAR-059 | White Kickboxing Training & Competition Uniform

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This white and blue Kickboxing suit comes with elasticated drawstring waist trousers, providing extra comfort. For aesthetics, this suit also comes with woven “KICKBOXING” text on the legs and the arms, as well as stars, on the outfit, making the wearer look very professional. As well as this, the uniform has been designed to be light and provide high mobility, making it great for sparring and competitions. For instructors and students, this suit can also be used as your normal club colour. This Gi is adored by many due to it being durable, stylish, comfortable, and providing complete freedom of motion in sparring situations.

  • Used for training and competitions
  • Light and easy to wear
  • Made from 100% polyester/satin fabric
  • Trouser has an elasticated drawstring waistband
  • Can be used for a range of disciplines
  • Provides ultimate comfort and unrestricted movements