MAR-248 | Uppercut Heavy Training Punching Bag Available 3ft/4ft

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This MAR punching bag has been made for professional training. Made of durable PU artificial leather, this is a professional uppercut shaped bag allows users to practice the perfect uppercuts and lower abdominal techniques. This punch bag has 2 different target areas. Heavy-duty nylon straps with D ring included for hanging. Enjoy your workout with this great punching bag - the consistency of the feel as you hit the bag is far superior.

A:  3 Feet (Approximately 30 kg), B:  4 Feet (Approximately 40 kg)

  • Professional training punch bags
  • Practice uppercuts and lower abdominal techniques
  • 2 different target areas D ring and strap included
  • Filled with compressed cloth pieces with reinforced stitching
  • Made from durable PU artificial leather