MAR-263B | Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag

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This adjustable freestanding reflex bag has been designed to rebound against the most heaviest of blows. Designed with high-density shock absorbing foam padding, this reflex bag is highly recommended for comprehensive punching, reflex and cardio workouts.

Because of the nature of the bag, the experience you get when sparring with a partner is given which tests your reflexes, reaction time and eye coordination. Complementing these features, the bag comes with a specialist lock designed to ensure the position of the bag does not adjust unwillingly when in motion.

All with one product, you can improve your punching techniques, agility and footwork whilst building up your stamina doing this. Suitable for gym and home use. The heavy duty vinyl base can be filled with either sand or water.

Adjustable 7 height setting from 110cm to 160cm

  • Rebounds perfectly with each hit
  • Highly recommended for boxing and punching training
  • Perfect substitute for a partner
  • Builds upper body strength and stamina
  • The base can be filled with sand or water
  • Suitable for gym and home use