MAR-420B | Boxing Spinning Bar with Tear Shaped Ball Target

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MAR International Ltd is proud to present “WALL BAR WITH A BALL TARGET” a brand new modified advance technology item. This is ideal for various martial arts and boxing training purposes. With Adjustable height options coupled with anti-wobble adjuster this MAR “Wall Bar with a Ball Target” has plenty much to offer to the beginners as it aids in the training capacities and improving the techniques. This is designed with four mounting points and Single twin bearing Joint construction that gives the ability to withstand the intense level of training the maximum stability. The structure of this mounted on plaster board walls is also possible to do. We recommend using a wooden board first and then mounting the “WALL BAR” on it. We don’t advise you to mount the “Boxing BAR” without the wooden board. This “Boxing Wall Bar” helps you improve the method of skill and response. The warranty does not cover damage to the item caused by inappropriate use which includes strong blows and kicks as this is not a striking bag and the purpose of this product is to enhance your techniques and hand coordination. We recommend wearing suitable protection before use such as helmet, gloves and mouth guard.


  • This is Suitable for use either at home or at the gym.
  • Equipped with Heavy Duty fully loaded commercial grade Wall Mount Bracket for “WALL BAR” which includes a Ball Target is designed to sustain the severe level of training.
  • This is ideal for boxing training purposes as punching bar helps to improve reaction, technique and reflexes.
  • Foldable Bracket so when not in use it can be folded against the wall to avoid walking into it