MAR-421C | Professional Club Use Rapid Response Boxing Heavy Stand Punching Ball with 360 Degree Reflex Bar Adjustable

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This professional spinning sparring bar which rotates 360 degrees is ideal for improving hand-eye coordination, accuracy and precision. Made with an additional round target paddle to enhance the usage in practice. The Punch Ball features with shock absorbed injected mold making sure this can stand a hit, using this product can help you increase your heart rate, perform excellent exercises, and at the same time help you improve the timing, speed and accuracy of hand-eye coordination.

 Due to the high testing involved in creation, this product has been made excelling to the highest quality standards in performance and safety, making this a chosen product for the best pro fighters and commercial use. Coming with an assemble manual, this product has been designed to be easy to set up.


  • The flexible 360 degrees’ Heavy duty spring included, allowing the ball to balance back into position from all angles, this reflex bar can exercise your coordination and reaction speed, arm muscles, reduce weight, release tension.
  • Easily adapt to everyone’s needs, suitable for Boxing and Fitness Enthusiasts, Teenagers, adults or people who need to relieve stress.
  • The base has super suction cups to prevent shaking and scratching the floor, you can fill it with sand or water to keep the shelf stable.
  • It can be used for various surface such as cement floors, ceramic tiles, wooden floors, carpets, etc. It has strong stability and does not damage the surface of objects.