MAR-160E | Pink Dipped Foam Martial Arts Head Guard

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This Durable MAR vinyl dipped foam Head Guard top of the shell protects the most vital impact areas. Open face design with vented air release all over the head as well as added ear protection. This head guard design ensures flexibility, comfort, and protection, without impairing hearing. Gives ultimate protection to the full head. Elastic nylon strap at the chin to lock the headguard put into place safely while training. Good for multipurpose contact sparring karate taekwondo games.

Available Colours:

A: Red   B: Black   C: Blue  D: White  E: Pink

  • Suitable for multi-purpose contact sparring games
  • Durable vinyl dipped foam padding protects impact areas
  • Open face design allows ventilation
  • Offers ultimate protection to the whole head, without impairing hearing
  • Quick and easy to fasten up. Velcro secures under the chin
  • Sold in various colours