MAR-167C | Blue Dipped Foam Double-Layered Foot Protector

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These double layer, durable vinyl dipped foam features a ventilation system for comfort as well as a cooldown when in combat or training. With its elastic strap and Velcro closure, the kick boots locks in place while; provides maximum fitting and comfort. The kick has durable stress areas, easy to secure and put on/off, dual bottom, sporty air vents. Good for multipurpose contact sparring games including Karate and Taekwondo.

A: Red   B: Black   C: Blue   D: Pink

  • Suitable for sparring games and training
  • Durable vinyl dipped foam padding protects impact areas
  • Complete with ventilation holes enable the foot to breathe
  • Straps fit securely around the foot
  • Ideal for Karate and Taekwondo tournaments
  • Sold in various colours