MAR-406 | Gold+White IPPON MMA Gloves

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These gold and white IPPON gloves are made from fine handcrafted genuine leather, which delivers great comfort and durability. With gel integrated foam padding, the glove is made softer, flexible and shock absorbent. Due to these gloves being open palm, the design of the glove is ideal for MMA purposes. As well as this padding, there is also extra padding on the sides of the gloves which have been incorporated to protect the hands against hammer strikes. The dual straps included with this protect help strap the glove securely, making the gloves firm also. 
  • Made of fine soft Handcrafted leather for a luxury feel, comfort and durability
  • Open palm design helps the glove to securely fit around the hand
  • Foam padding has been added on the side of the palm for the hammer strikes
  • Gel integrated foam padding provides great shock absorption
  • Dual straps technology used to enhance the wrist support and help to secure the glove evenly