MAR-069A | Traditional Ninja Short-length Tabi Boots

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These traditional short-length black indoor Ninja Tabi Boots/Shoe have been designed for comfort and durability. The upper outside part of the shoe is made from black soft canvas fabric, with the inside coming with a fabric lining, making the shoe set both comfortable and durable in training. To compliment this, a textured rubber sole, as well as a secure stud or Velcro closure has been added also, allowing strong and durable protection for the feet. Due to the split-toe design, greater traction and control is given to the wearer too, making these shoes a very worth it purchase, at a great price.

  • Made from black soft canvas fabric.
  • A Secure stud or Velcro closure (depending on size).
  • The sole is made with textured rubber that protects your feet from the elements and reduces sound generated by walking
  • The sole also features the traditional split-toe design which allows the wearer to have greater traction and control