MAR-202C | Red+Black Synthetic Leather Striking Pad

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These Thai Pads are filled with high-density heavy-duty condensed shock absorbent foam padding. This product is designed for extended use and comes with reinforced stitching for longer durability. The reinforced handle with double polyurethane features keeps the wrist in a firm place, making it easy for the holder. These pads can be used for punching, kicking, martial arts and general fitness.  These Thai pads are made to the highest specification and are quality tested. Recommended for club and home use. Each is sold separately.

  1. Rex Leather L40 x W21 x T9 cm
  • Sold individually
  • Highly recommended for club and home use
  • Designed for extensive use
  • Filled with high density condensed shock absorbent foam padding
  • Pads used for punching, kicking and general fitness
  • Manufactured to the highest specification and quality tested
  • Reinforced handle with Velcro closure