MAR-208C | Red+Black Heavy Duty Large Striking Shield

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Give yourself the chance to equip yourself with the ultimate body protection with these heavy-duty Striking shields/Kick pads. Heavy-duty Vinyl filled with aero-foam padding and air vents on both sides for increased shock absorption. Heavy-duty nylon reinforced suitcase seams (anti-rip) ensure you get most out of your training. Two adjustable straps and a grip handle on the back. Practice powerful kicks, punches and effective techniques without injury. A popular choice for club instructors.A popular choice for club instructors

Dimensions: Square large, 70cm x 38cm x 12cm (Height x Width x Thickness)

  • Ultimate body protection
  • Anti-rip
  • Excellent training pad
  • Two adjustable straps and grip handle on the back
  • Practice powerful kicking, punching and powerful techniques